Chemical Peels: A Must-Try Skin Treatment for Glowing Skin

Are you tired of lackluster skin, have various blemishes, sun damage, acne and looking to change it!! Chemical peels could be the answer and way towards that Glowing Skin

AND Yes, we are not talking about your average beauty salon facials & peels!

Now I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking a chemical peel sounds a little freaky, and the idea of your skin peeling may feel revolting but this treatment can give SMOOTH, GLOWING skin.

Skin peels used to be considered harsh and visibly damaging to the skin but Nowadays, chemical peels have been formulated to be a lot gentler and in the hands of medical professionals can be very effective.

The benefits of regular chemical peels are many: they are great for resurfacing and hydrating the skin, can help treat various skin concerns inc sun damage, pigmentation, acne, freckles etc. Every treatment is specifically chosen to suit individual patient’s skin needs (eg – Jessner’s, varying levels of glycolic and TCA peels)

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Prices range from 150/- to 299/- for single peels & 399/- to 749/- for packages

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