How WAIST WISE Medical Weight Loss Works ?

You might be wondering: does medical weight loss work? You’re in the right place!

Studies have shown that people can lose weight through monitored effective medical weight loss programmes. With the correct approach and mindset, there is no reason you can’t be our next success story!

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What is medical weight loss?

We offer a variety of medical weight loss solutions, which are designed to support your efforts alongside a healthy diet and increased movement.

We understand that one size does not fit everyone & that’s why our friendly doctors and clinic staff will work with you to ensure you are getting the very best out of your visits. We will set goals that are not only realistic, but achievable & also provide help to attain them.


Frequently Asked Questions

At your initial weight loss consultation, we want to know more about you. You will meet on a one-to-one basis with a clinic doctor/nurse who will find out more from you about your lifestyle, eating habits and what you want us to help you achieve.  They will perform a medical assessment of you and will work with you to decide if Waist Wise might be the right fit for you.

Yes; all treatment goals are set by a doctor based on what would be most suitable for your health. You would also be regularly monitored in the clinic along with having regular blood tests etc.

Whilst the medications work with you to help control your cravings, we do encourage you to adopt a healthy eating plan alongside them.
When you come into the programme, we can work with you to help curb cravings, suggest replacements and give dietary advice to ensure you continue your weight loss journey !

Increasing your activity levels is proven to improve your general health and well-being and we do encourage some movement alongside a healthier diet and the medication. We will work alongside you to find the best way for you to get moving, no matter your fitness starting point.

As Waist Wise we devise a programme that is personalised to you. The initial consultation will consider lifestyle factors, medical background and any medication you are currently on.

We offer a range of treatments as aids to your weight loss journey:

⇒ Prescription weight loss medication (based on suitability)
⇒ Fat blockers
⇒ Vitamins
⇒ VLED Diets
⇒ Natural slimming aids
⇒ Dietitian / Ex physiologist / Mindfulness techniques

If you would like to start your weight loss journey, you can book a one-to-one weight loss consultation with one of our doctors who will discuss the best programme for you.

Highlights of our programme

Individualized programmes : 3/6/12 month long

Commitment to your weight loss journey will increase your chance of success

Regular appointments with your clinic Doctor & Nurse

Commitment to your weight loss journey will increase your chance of success


Appointments with the clinic Dietitian who will work with you to ensure the food you are eating is healthy and helping with weight loss.

Exercise (Exercise Physiologist)

We know exercise isn’t for everyone, but working with us, you will be set realistic and positive goals for your fitness. This will help you gradually increase your activity levels.

Motivational mindset support

Waist Wise recognises that majority of times our weight loss journey is affected by our mentality. Access to our Mindset seminars will provide support.

Facebook Group

Our online group can help you connect with other like-minded patients on the same journey & medical team who you can interact with and support and encourage too!

Weight Management and Blood Testing

It’s important to us that we understand all about you & your body. When you join our weight loss programme, we will give you a biochemical blood test & monitor it regularly.

Body Composition Analysis

Regular weigh-ins on our body composition scales that measure areas such as body % water, body fat % and much more – to help you see the changes outside of just your weight

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