General Practice / Family Doctors

We aim to offer quality service to our patients. Our doctors are well read, highly qualified and have specialist qualifications.

Chronic Disease Management

We pride ourselves in being caring & committed towards our local community. Our doctors have specialist qualifications in Medicine & General Practice and they are well versed with managing chronic illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, pain management etc.

We have links with various consultants and allied health professionals and can organise care planning.

Health Assessments

We perform various health assessments including 4 year old healthy kids check, over 75years, 45-49year old, ATSI checks & pre-employment checks.

Skin Cancer Checks

Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. One in three Australians can expect to develop some type of skin cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is the best way to improve the outcome for these cancers.

To assess your individual risk of melanoma see the risk calculator on the Victorian Melanoma Service website:

Our GPs are experienced in performing skin examinations and assessing skin lesions and sun damage. They perform regular skin checks using a dermatoscope and monitor new or changing lesions. Advice our receptionist when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Skin Cancer Check so they will allocate you a long consultation. Patients are advised not to wear makeup or face cream when attending a skin check.

If any lesions of concern are identified, a follow up appointment for biopsy or removal may be required.

Further information about skin cancer and prevention is available from:

Men’s Health

Men’ s Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease, stress, skin checks, weight management, diabetes and cancers. Other health issues such as prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and mental health illnesses including depression may also be addressed.

Please advice our receptionists when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Women’s or Men’s Health Check so they will allocate you a longer consultation

Women’s Health

The doctors at the Clinic are dedicated to providing advice on all aspects of women’s health including contraceptive advice and options, preventative health care, pap smears, breast checks and mammograms. You are also invited to explore other lifestyle and medical checks including:

–          Breast & period problems
–          Menopause
–          Pap smears & other preventative issues
–          Skin issues
–          Mood disorders or symptoms of anxiety and depression
–          Other preventative health measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes checks

Please advice our receptionists when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Women’s or Men’s Health Check so they will allocate you a longer consultation

Regular Health Assessments (we recommend every two years) will help you stay healthy and will pick up early warning signs of disease or illness. Many diseases such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes and some cancers can be picked up in their early stages when treatment is often more effective


Our staff would be able to assist you in all your immunisation needs including childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and seasonal vaccinations including influenza as appropriate.

Mental Health

All our doctors are trained in assisting patients with mental health needs. We have the knowledge & resources to complete mental health care plans and refer patients to appropriate services including Psychologists & Mental Health Nurse.

Travel Advice

We are an accredited Yellow Fever Travel Clinic.  Ideally, you should speak to your doctor at least 2 weeks before you leave, however it’s never too late to obtain essential travel advice. Please feel free to come and speak to us before traveling and get immunizations depending on your traveling plans.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Our doctors are trained to perform minor surgical procedures and would be happy to advise you regarding this.

Please note additional charges apply for most of the procedures and the doctor will advise you regarding this at the initial appointment

Practice Nurse

We are currently in the process of recruiting a practice nurse and will be updating this section soon.

Pre-employment checks

For some jobs, a medical exam is necessary to before starting the job. This is called a pre-employment assessment, or pre-employment check.

Pre-employment checks are designed so your employer knows you can safely perform the duties of the job, and are often legal requirements.

Each assessment is different depending on the type of job you’re applying for .We have on-site facilities to complete these pre-employment checks. No Medicare rebate is available for this service. Your employer will normally pay for the pre-employment check for you.

Pathology Collection Centre

Dorevitch provides pathology services at Mt Evelyn Medical Clinic.

Other facilities available: Spirometry & Lung function studies, ECG

Home Visits

Home visits may be arranged with prior notification for our regular patients who are elderly, disabled or if you are too ill to attend the surgery. The doctor will ring you to confirm and would be able to advise you regarding approximate time of arrival.