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We have a state of art Laser system & offer various cosmetic Laser treatments at the clinic.

Conditions that can be treated include

+ Acne Vulgaris & Rosacea
+ Facial veins
+ Freckles, Melasma & facial pigmentation
+ Leg Spider veins
+ Stretch marks
+ Scars (General)+ Scar reduction in post-surgical wounds
+ Tattoo Removal
+ wrinkles ‘ Ablative resurfacing’
+ Carbon Laser Facials & Laser toning
+ Intraoral (Stop snoring)*
+ Vulvovaginal Atrophy, Vaginal Dryness, + Urinary Incontinence , Postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis

For further information , please ring 03 9736 1444 and book a free no obligation consult .

Carbon Facial is a skin rejuvenation treatment also commonly known as the “China Doll Facial”, or “Hollywood Facial”. Carbon Facials work to reduce skin imperfections such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne scarring and fine lines, while offering an instant glow to your complexion.


This treatment gives you a porcelain dolls complexion & hence the name. The treatment can improve pore size, skin tone and texture. It can also assist with active acne, scarring and post-acne discolouration inc appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also boosting collagen and elastin production.


This treatment has been listed in LA’s top ten beauty treatment list. Book your China Doll Facial today at CliniSkin. Call 9736 1444


Cost: $220 per treatment  OR 6 for $1150

Downtime: NONE

Treatment Intervals – 4 weeks

Results – Although you will notice glowing results after just 1 treatment, a course of around 6 treatments is recommended for long-lasting anti-ageing effects, as well as clear, healthy skin for months to come.




Melasma / hormonal pigmentation


What is melasma skin pigmentation?

Melasma is facial pigmentation stimulated by UV radiation and circulating oestrogens from the contraceptive pill, pregnancy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Melasma is found on sun-exposed areas of your face including:Cheeks , Upper lip – sometimes creating a moustache appearance , Forehead, and Bridge of the nose.

Melasma is very hard to treat and usually needs a combination of laser, lightening creams, sunscreens etc .


What are the causes of Melasma ?

The cause of melasma is complex. The pigmentation is due to overproduction of melanin by the pigment cells, melanocytes, which is taken up by the keratinocytes (epidermal melanosis) and/or deposited in the dermis. There is a genetic predisposition to melasma, with at least one-third of patients reporting other family members to be affected.


Known triggers for melasma include:

Sun exposure and sun damage—this is the most important avoidable risk factor

Pregnancy—in affected women, the pigment often fades a few months after delivery

Hormone treatments—oral contraceptive pills containing oestrogen and/or progesterone, hormone replacement, intrauterine devices and implants are a factor in about a quarter of affected women

Certain medications (including new targeted therapies for cancer), scented or deodorant soaps, toiletries and cosmetics—these may cause a phototoxic reaction that triggers melasma, which may then persist long term

Hypothyroidism (low levels of circulating thyroid hormone)


Melasma commonly arises in healthy, non-pregnant adults. Lifelong sun exposure causes deposition of pigment within the dermis and this often persists long term. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) deepens the pigmentation because it activates the melanocytes to produce more melanin.


Melasma skin pigmentation treatment


Melasma Treatment is a long-term commitment and there are no quick fixes, but we offer some of the best tools available to give you good results. Having an initial consultation is an important step to getting your melasma treatment correct. Consultation with a Cosmetic Doctors gives you peace of mind. Treatment options include a combination of specific laser wavelengths, topical prescription creams, sunscreen and oral medications.


Melasma package $1599


At CliniSkin we recommend a Melasma package, which combines:

A series of laser treatments

Topical Melasma creams

50+ sunscreen, and sometimes oral medications


The sooner you start treating melasma, the better! Call us on 1300 863 824 to book your consultation.

To find out how our package can help your facial skin pigmentation call us on 03 9736 1444 .


Acne can be debilitating, but the right treatments, products, home care, lifestyle choices, and consistency, will unveil beautiful and glowing skin. We are pleased to now offer a range of prescription & cosmetic treatment modalities.

Types of acne treatments include:

  • Skin care treatments inc OTC products
  • Prescription medications eg : Antibiotics, Oral contraceptives, Antiandrogen drugs , retinol etc
  • IPL & Radiofrequency Treatment
  • Chemical peels
  • Ablative Laser Treatment for scars
  • Dermal Fillers etc

Best results are seen over a series of treatments and combined with take home skin care.


Pricing:  The cost of treating acne varies according to your unique needs and circumstances. For a personalised and complimentary consultation, call us on 03 9736 1444

Tired of lacklustre skin, have various blemishes, sun damage, acne and looking to change it!! Chemical peels could be the answer and way towards that Glowing Skin

Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels

Chemical peels used to be considered harsh and visibly damaging to the skin but Nowadays, chemical peels have been formulated to be a lot gentler and in the hands of medical professionals can be very effective.

The benefits of regular chemical peels are many: they are great for resurfacing and hydrating the skin, can help treat various skin concerns inc sun damage, pigmentation, acne, freckles etc. Every treatment is specifically chosen to suit individual patient’s skin needs (eg – Jessner’s, varying levels of glycolic and TCA peels)

Prices range from 150 to 299 for single peels & 399to 749 for packages

To know if it is the right treatment for you , ring 9736 1444 or book an online appointment with Dr Binay Kumar

Chin Sculpting using fat dissolving injections

Essentially the treatment involves dissolving fat around the jawline, neck and under the chin using injections. It’s for people who have a double chin or pouch of fat around the jaw but it can be used anywhere on the body .
When injected below the chin, the injection breaks down the fat cells which the body then absorbs and excretes.
Deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the body, aiding in digestion and the absorption of dietary fats. The deoxycholic acid drug substance used in chin sculpting is synthetically derived . It has been used in cosmetic injectables treatments across Europe, USA and now Australia & is TGA approved

images1After treatment expect the area to swell up quite a bit for a few days before going back to normal . Results will vary from patient to patient .

The treatment itself takes 20 to 40 minutes. At least two treatments are necessary and some clients can see great results after only two treatments.

The procedure isn’t cheap & each treatment will cost approx. $1000 . The good news is that once the fat is dissolved you’re pretty much done though a maintenance injection may be needed after four to five years.

To know if it is the right treatment for you , ring 9736 1444 or book an online appointment with Dr Binay Kumar

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty ‘ eyelid lift’

This new ‘ Plasma’ technology gives great results with no scalpels and no suturing involved. The excess eyelid skin is sublimated using the plasma beam without damage to the basement membrane, muscle or other underlying structures.

Sublimation which is the process of turning a solid straight into a gas so results are instant and there is no heat transferred to surrounding tissues to cause damage to normal skin. The device uses plasma so there is no electric current which can cause problems for some patients and the treatments result in tissue retraction and tightening which gives even better results.

Treatment consists of multiple shots spaced closely together and the upper, lower or both eyelids can be treated. The procedure normally takes less than 45 minutes to perform.
Following treatment, tiny dark brown/black spots may appear or there may be an appearance more typical of a burn. Swelling is common and often lasts several days and can be quite significant around the eyes. The area will often be red and warm immediately after the procedure and can be quite tender for a few days.
Crusting or a scab can develop and it is important to keep this clean, dry and protected. Sometimes the area can be sloughy. If the area becomes red, hot and tender or if there is pus present, it is important to contact the clinic as this may suggest an infection. It is important to allow any spots or scabs to fall off naturally otherwise scarring or infection may occur. Scarring is a rare complication following treatment.

After treatment we advise keeping the treated area clean, dry and protected using a broad spectrum sunscreen. Mineral make-up may be applied. Avoid exposing the area to extremes of heat or cold until it has healed. If any doubt, contact the clinic for further advice.

It is essential to keep the treatment area clean, dry and protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Do not use alcohol based cleansers. Do not apply a plaster or an occlusive dressing over the area.

Final results usually depend on severity of skin laxity or size of lesion, the desired result, the general condition of the skin and any pre-existing skin or medical problems.As the treated skin is sublimated, the results often last years or permanently.

Results are seen instantly although the best appearance is seen after 3 weeks. 2-3 treatments at 8 weekly intervals are often required to give good results .

Pricing starts from $1399 onwards

To know if it is the right treatment for you , ring 9736 1444 or book an online appointment with Dr Binay Kumar

Silhouette Soft thread lift is a non-surgical face-lift using absorbable sutures to lift and volumise the face and neck without the down time and invasiveness of a surgical facelift.

We use the silhouette soft threads to lift and sculpt numerous areas: Contouring of the face , Lifting of the lower jaw reducing the appearance of jowls and marionette lines , Cheeks – decreasing the heavy naso-labial folds and restoring contour, Neck – lifting sagging skin and reducing the appearance of ‘turkey neck’

The procedure takes between 45-60 minutes and performed under local anaesthesia under sterile conditions. There is risk of bruising, swelling & infection and usually a few days downtime

What sets the Silhouette Soft thread lift apart from other types of thread lifts is that it works in two different ways 1. There is a Lifting action for immediate results – the skin is pulled & kept in position by the anchoring cones. 2. Following this there is stimulation of collagen production which can further improve contours of the face, volume loss, improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and refresh the skin.

Pricing starts from $1949/- onwards

To know if it is the right treatment for you , ring 9736 1444 or book an online appointment with Dr Binay Kumar

Well qualified doctors offering quality family physician services from 2 sites : Mt evelyn & Lilydale

Warm welcoming reception staff & doctors

Fully accredited clinic conforming to RACGP & GPA standards

We encourage our patients to make appointments whenever possible. We welcome Walk ins but patients with appointments will be seen first. Please note that while every effort is made to see patients at the appointed time, urgent cases will be seen as a priority and thus delays may occur. The reception staff will endeavor to keep you informed of any delays. If you cannot make it to your appointment on time, it would greatly be appreciated if you could contact our friendly reception team to let them know.
If it is an emergency or you are feeling very unwell, please advise reception for you to be assessed urgently.

Online Bookings : We now have an online booking facility for your convenience, just click on the link on the home page.

Longer Consultations : Patients are advised that long consultations are available at Mount Evelyn Medical Clinic for multiple or complex medical issues. A standard consultation is approximately 10/15 minutes dependent on the doctor . If you may require a longer consultation please advise reception staff at the time of booking the appointment.

Interpreter services : If a patient requires an interpreter, please notify the clinic in advance so that we can organize for an interpreter to be present at the time of consultation. Please note, there will be a fee for this service.

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6.00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday: Pls check

Emergencies: Any emergencies will be attended to as quickly as possible.

After Hours Care
Eastern Ranges After Hours Medical Services (ERAHMS) operates two strictly after hours clinics. These clinics are situated at:
Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local 333 Maroondah Highway
Monday to Friday 7pm – 10pm;
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 12pm – 8pm
Tel: 1300 766 858

Upper Ferntree Gully
Co located at The Angliss Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Corner Edward & Talaskia Rd
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1pm – 9pm
Tel: (03) 9764 6361

The nearest public emergency hospitals are:
Eastern Health Emergency Department
Incorporating: Maroondah, Angliss & Box Hill Hospitals Ph: 1300 342 255 (ask for Emergency Dept)
ANGLISS HOSPITAL……… Albert Street, Upper Ferntree Gully
MAROONDAH HOSPITAL…….. Davey Drive, Ringwood East
BOX HILL HOSPITAL…….. Arnold St, Box Hill

In order to respect each other’s time, we ask that you please make all efforts to keep your appointment with us. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us a call well in advance.

The clinic will charge a $30 fee if there have been 3 missed appointments over 12 months.

A recall and reminder system is in place to remind you of vaccinations, smears and other necessary medical checks. Please advice the Doctor if you do not wish to participate.

Reception staff are unable to discuss the results of any tests on the telephone or at the reception desk. Patients are required to make an appointment for all of these services.

Telephone Calls

The doctors and nurse at the clinic will take calls immediately if the matter is urgent. Otherwise, all patients are required to book an appointment to discuss any clinical issues.

Billing Policy from 1st July 2022 applicable to all patients 

Over the past 2 years, costs to run Medical services has increased considerably. Medicare rebates have not increased in line with inflation even though everything else has increased significantly in price. Till now we have been absorbing the costs, however with the recent increases, in order to keep the service sustainable and still be able to maintain high standards of care, we have taken the decision to change to mixed billing.  From 1st July 2022 both our practices will be moving to mixed billing.

All patients who do not have a  healthcare card or pension card will pay $30 out of pocket fee for their consults ( Reduced out of pocket fee of $20 for under 16s & over 65s who do not have HCC/pension card )

Bulk billing consults will continue to be available for:

  • Healthcare card & pension card holders between 9-5pm Mon – Fri (exc new patients)
  • Covid & Flu vaccine appointments
  • Appointments for chronic health care plan preparations

Private out of pocket charges are also applicable to

  • Weekend appointments .
  • Same day urgent appointments
  • All new patients

PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BE BULK BILLED and follow our practice policies.

We thank you for your understanding and aim to continue delivering a good quality standard of care.

We understand if you would like to move your records due to our changed Billing Policy. In such a case we are happy to transfer your records to a practice of your liking without an extra admin fee ( $10 charges applicable for postage & Disc etc valid till 31st Oct 2022 ) 

Different charges are applicable for skin checks, minor surgical procedures, skin cancer surgery, cosmetic treatments, insurance reports etc ( details at reception & the doctors will advise you regarding applicable charges )

All patient medical records are confidential documents. It is the policy of Mount Evelyn Medical Clinic to maintain the security of personal health information at all times to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. Your personal information is protected by the Health Information Privacy Act 1988. If you have any concerns please contact,The Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner. Enquiry line: 1300 363 992. Teletypewriter (TTY) users phone 133 677 then ask for 1300 363 992, Speak & Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 1300 363 992, Internet relay users connect to the National Relay Service then ask for 1300 363 992, Translating & Interpreting service on 131 450 then ask for 1300 363 992 Fax: +61 29284 9666 Email: enquiries@ocic.gov.au.
A summarized copy of the clinic’s privacy policy is available on request.

Mount Evelyn Medical Clinic is committed to providing a high standard of care and compassion, please feel free to talk to our friendly staff if you require further information. We also have a patient feedback/suggestion sheet for you to fill in, this provides us with valuable information that helps with your healthcare, please be reminded that this form is totally anonymous. If you would like to fill this form in, we have it located on the reception desk.

General Practitioners and staff are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters and recognize that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.

If you would like your records sent to another doctor a signed request must be sent from that doctor before a record is released. You may access your record, however an administration fee of $20 is charged to cover costs. Copy of summary can be faxed without any charge . For further information please visit www.privacy.gov.au or Health Services Commissioner Tel: 8601-5200.

Home visits may be arranged for regular patients who are unable to attend the clinic. These visits must be pre-arranged with your doctor. Please call for more information.


The clinic abides by the Australian Charter of Health Care rights.

If at any time you are unhappy with the service provided at the clinic, please speak to our Practice Manager so it can be addressed promptly.

If you feel that your concerns have not been addressed you may contact Health Services Commissioner, 10th Floor, 55 Swanston Street MELBOURNE 3000. Phone: 96555200 Free call: 1800136066. Fax: 9655 5219.

We are fully accredited to RACGP & GPA Standards.

We aim to offer quality service to our patients. Our doctors are well read, highly qualified and have specialist qualifications.

We pride ourselves in being caring & committed towards our local community. Our doctors have specialist qualifications in Medicine & General Practice and they are well versed with managing chronic illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, pain management etc.

We have links with various consultants and allied health professionals and can organise care planning.

We perform various health assessments including 4 year old healthy kids check, over 75years, 45-49year old, ATSI checks & pre-employment checks.

Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. One in three Australians can expect to develop some type of skin cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is the best way to improve the outcome for these cancers.

To assess your individual risk of melanoma see the risk calculator on the Victorian Melanoma Service website: http://victorianmelanomaservice.org/calculator/

Our GPs are experienced in performing skin examinations and assessing skin lesions and sun damage. They perform regular skin checks using a dermatoscope and monitor new or changing lesions. Advice our receptionist when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Skin Cancer Check so they will allocate you a long consultation. Patients are advised not to wear makeup or face cream when attending a skin check.

If any lesions of concern are identified, a follow up appointment for biopsy or removal may be required.

Further information about skin cancer and prevention is available from:


Men’ s Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease, stress, skin checks, weight management, diabetes and cancers. Other health issues such as prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and mental health illnesses including depression may also be addressed.

Please advice our receptionists when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Women’s or Men’s Health Check so they will allocate you a longer consultation

The doctors at the Clinic are dedicated to providing advice on all aspects of women’s health including contraceptive advice and options, preventative health care, pap smears, breast checks and mammograms. You are also invited to explore other lifestyle and medical checks including:

–          Breast & period problems
–          Menopause
–          Pap smears & other preventative issues
–          Skin issues
–          Mood disorders or symptoms of anxiety and depression
–          Other preventative health measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes checks

Please advice our receptionists when you telephone for an appointment that you would like to book in for a Women’s or Men’s Health Check so they will allocate you a longer consultation

Regular Health Assessments (we recommend every two years) will help you stay healthy and will pick up early warning signs of disease or illness. Many diseases such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes and some cancers can be picked up in their early stages when treatment is often more effective

Our staff would be able to assist you in all your immunisation needs including childhood immunisations, travel vaccinations and seasonal vaccinations including influenza as appropriate.

All our doctors are trained in assisting patients with mental health needs. We have the knowledge & resources to complete mental health care plans and refer patients to appropriate services including Psychologists & Mental Health Nurse.

We are an accredited Yellow Fever Travel Clinic.  Ideally, you should speak to your doctor at least 2 weeks before you leave, however it’s never too late to obtain essential travel advice. Please feel free to come and speak to us before traveling and get immunizations depending on your traveling plans.

Our doctors are trained to perform minor surgical procedures and would be happy to advise you regarding this.

Please note additional charges apply for most of the procedures and the doctor will advise you regarding this at the initial appointment

We are currently in the process of recruiting a practice nurse and will be updating this section soon.

For some jobs, a medical exam is necessary to before starting the job. This is called a pre-employment assessment, or pre-employment check.

Pre-employment checks are designed so your employer knows you can safely perform the duties of the job, and are often legal requirements.

Each assessment is different depending on the type of job you’re applying for .We have on-site facilities to complete these pre-employment checks. No Medicare rebate is available for this service. Your employer will normally pay for the pre-employment check for you.

Dorevitch provides pathology services at Mt Evelyn Medical Clinic.

Other facilities available: Spirometry & Lung function studies, ECG

Home visits may be arranged with prior notification for our regular patients who are elderly, disabled or if you are too ill to attend the surgery. The doctor will ring you to confirm and would be able to advise you regarding approximate time of arrival.

Botox 2





Anti-wrinkle injections & fillers are the perfect anti-ageing solution for anyone concerned about fine lines, unwanted facial expression, and deep creases or for anyone wanting to prevent lines from occurring.

Cosmetic treatments are tailored to suit individual needs and involve the latest techniques, products and methods to ensure you are comfortable and well informed before commencing treatment.

The price per unit of anti-wrinkle injection varies between $10-$12.

Dermal fillers are priced based on the area and amount of filler used

Please note that there is no Medicare rebate for this service. For more information about Cosmetic Medicine treatments or to discuss your options, please call reception on 9736 1444 and book a no obligation free consult.