Acne Treatment


Acne can be debilitating, but the right treatments, products, home care, lifestyle choices, and consistency, will unveil beautiful and glowing skin. We are pleased to now offer a range of prescription & cosmetic treatment modalities.

Types of acne treatments include:

  • Skin care treatments inc OTC products
  • Prescription medications eg : Antibiotics, Oral contraceptives, Antiandrogen drugs , retinol etc
  • IPL & Radiofrequency Treatment
  • Chemical peels
  • Ablative Laser Treatment for scars
  • Dermal Fillers etc

Best results are seen over a series of treatments and combined with take home skin care.


Pricing:  The cost of treating acne varies according to your unique needs and circumstances. For a personalised and complimentary consultation, call us on 03 9736 1444