Change in Billing Policy from 1st July 2022

Change in Billing Policy from 1st July 2022


Over the past 2 years, costs to run medical services has increased considerably. Medicare rebates have not increased in line with inflation even though everything else has increased significantly in price. Till now we have been absorbing the costs, however with the recent increases, in order to keep the service sustainable and still be able to maintain high standards of care, we have taken the decision to move to mixed billing.

From 1st July 2022 both our practices will be moving to mixed billing.


All patients who do not have a healthcare card or pension card will pay $30 out of pocket fee for their consults ( Reduced out of pocket fee of $20 for under 12s & over 65s who do not have HCC/pension card )


Bulk billing will continue to be available for:

  • Healthcare card & pension card holders between 9-5pm Mon – Fri
  • Covid & Flu vaccine appointments
  • Appointments for chronic health care plan preparations

Private out of pocket charges are also applicable to

  • Weekend appointments
  • Same day urgent appointments
  • New patients



We thank you for your understanding and aim to continue delivering a good quality standard of care.

If you would like to move your records due to our changed Billing Policy, we are happy to transfer your records to a practice of your liking without an extra admin fee ( $10 charges applicable for postage & Disc etc valid till 31st Oct 2022 )